WHO I AM about me...

I am a passionate Trader of Financial Markets with over eighteen years of activity in the world of strategic operational finance on the Futures & Forex markets.


Here is the detail of my CV: Linkedin profile Salvatore Bortugno


In my past and daily experiences I have been able to note the lack of a real guide that allows you to reach goals of constant growth directly and in full autonomy.


The aim of the site is to offer useful information for lovers of Forex, Futures and the financial world in general (from june 2021 it's born new my Crypto "SpritzMoon Crypto Token" ).


The creation of this new type of "Alternative Financial Information Conception" was born above all to distinguish me from the crowd; today in Italy there are many analysts, finance courses, trading books, "theoretical" traders, but unfortunately I never got to know, read or meet someone who proposed a clear, simple, direct way to undertake this activity professionally and independently .


I use "Trading Systems" based on a direct market approach which is often called unusual or "alternative", the result of my work is based on a type of operation that has nothing in common with conventional technical analysis and what derives from it .


The "modus operandi" is to offer each Trader or aspiring Trader a clear, practical and efficient guide to build independently an operating line that is always "consistent" over time.


The added value of BorSa-Trading.com is the possibility for everyone to directly manage their investment on the financial market independently without having to delegate financial negotiation to others.


So test yourself and "Build your Trading System directly" to manage your financial capital independently.