A question that many people ask me many times is always this: "Can I trade with € 1,000, or even less?"


My answer is: "isn't it better to have a nice weekend with that money?"


In fact, many people are attracted to the phone calls, sometimes too pushed, by "expert" brokers who delude you that they can become rich in a few weeks, or in a few months, even starting from scratch or with maybe 100 euro of investment.


Well then first of all I have to give you bad news, because it is not possible to get rich from scratch. But, especially with trading, money does not multiply, you can, if done well, obtain more or less high returns depending on the market and on the basis of your operations and your skill.


But these returns can be 30, 40, 60, 80 or 100% per year. Besides it means increasing the risk of loss / gain too much.


So now you imagine if with the broker's tutorial, lasting 20 minutes, you can get rich or live in trading ... Rationally speaking, how much do you think a 20-minute tutorial by broker or expert on duty is worth? NOTHING!


But above all it is not even possible to trade in my opinion: because trading means making your capital return, provided that you have a profitable and already solid strategy, which is already difficult to find and you are able to apply it correctly.


If you have € 1,000, I recommend you open a demo account with a capital of 1,000 euro and you will realize that with your real 1,000 euro it is better to get yourself that famous WEEKEND that I was talking about at the beginning of the article ....


Do you understand why it is not possible to trade with € 1,000?


Try the demo, not to earn but to understand how orders work, to understand the emotion that clicking, making a trade, or to become familiar with, but not to become a trader!


Get a maximum of € 1,000, in real life, to learn how to manage an operation, to test your strategy and to learn how to manage your psychological part.


If you use your € 1,000 in this way then you can invest it in the stock market but not to get rich, at best to raise, at best, 100 € per month. So let's get to the fateful $ 1 million question: Can you invest € 1,000 in the stock market to trade and start earning? With € 1,000 it is not possible to trade, because the effort is not worth the result.


What you can do is therefore study, invest in training, with € 1,000 you can practice and in the meantime accumulate capital, accumulate savings and above all by observing the market that changes every day, every year and sometimes even in a few minutes.


Only when you have reached a sufficient amount, then can he start trading.


What is the right capital to invest in the stock market?


I recommend at least € 20,000 which reasonably starts trading. "Okay, but I don't have € 20,000 ... but don't joke either, what if I burn everything? I have evidence of brokers who guarantee me to earn from trading by investing only € 100! " Please if you too have had this reaction like all the people I meet, please detoxify me from illusory marketing please, I only say it for your own good. I repeat it, I repeat it and I will repeat it until I have breath in my body: YOU MUST HAVE A PROFITABLE STRATEGY!


But not the strategy of the broker's famous 20 minute tutorial, no!


You must have a strategy that you have tested, that you have studied, on which you have practiced for at least 6 months in a demo, preferably for 2 years.


You must be willing to invest those € 20,000 always aware that you could lose them all at any moment! You cannot go to invest a certain amount to be used for trading that you may need to pay the mortgage or the rent or the bills. It is venture capital and as such it must be more than your daily income and expenses ... Do you understand?


These are fundamental concepts that you must always keep in mind in order not to be disappointed shortly thereafter. I invite you to treasure this article because it is a moment to be blinded by easy money. But remember that the more you search for the shortest way to get rich the closer you get to bankruptcy.


Happy Trading!


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