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BS Trading was born from an idea by Salvatore Bortugno and from the need to conceive a new way of Alternative Financial Information on the Forex & Futures Markets.


The goal of the site is to provide a simple guide, usable by all fans of finance and financial markets with a particular focus on Futures and Currencies derivatives traded on the world Forex market. By browsing the site you will find educational information, practical guides and operational tools useful for direct trading without having to delegate the management and growth of your financial capital to others.


BorSa-Trading is proposed as a reference point for those who want to approach financial instruments independently, therefore looking for a simple, comprehensive guide and Clear and Independent information. All types of aspiring Traders are offered a series of information to improve daily operations on the financial markets. The proposed sections are: Didactics with useful learning guides for tools such as Forex, Futures, Stock Exchange glossary and Technical Analysis, financial instruments such as ETFs, CFDs etc; the Operativity section with practical and easily applicable tips to learn how to build a Trading System and automate it through professional platforms but available to everyone completely free of charge.


Operational techniques. Simple. Effective


Trading on the stock market is difficult, risky, often a loser. There is no magic formula, only a lot of passion and professionalism. 90% of those who approach trading are at a loss.


This is why, thanks to the use of information and systems created on the basis of mathematical and economic technical-statistical analyzes, even the inexperienced and / or unable to operate full-time on the financial markets can obtain excellent returns in a reasonably short time.