Forex & Futures Trading brainchild of Salvatore Bortugno and the need to devise a new way of "Alternative Financial Information" on the Forex and Futures markets. The goal of the site is to provide a simple guide, available from all finance enthusiasts and financial markets with a particular focus on derivatives Futures and Forex Currencies traded on the world market.

Through the navigation website you will find educational information, practical guides and operational tools for the direct negotiation without having to delegate to others the management and growth of its financial capital.



"BorSa-Trading"  is proposed as a reference point for those who want to get closer to financial instruments on their own, then looking for a simple guide, and comprehensive information "clear and independent".

In all types of aspiring Traders we are offered a range of information to improve daily operations on financial markets.

The proposed sections are: "Education" with learning useful guides to tools such as Forex, Futures, and Stock Exchange Glossary of Technical Analysis, financial instruments such as ETFs, CFD etc; the "Operation" section to learn how to build a Trading System and automate it through professional platforms but available to all completely free of charge; the "News" section with news, macroeconomic calendar the week, useful links etc.

Operational techniques. Simple. effective.

Operate on the stock market is difficult, risky, often losing. There is no magic formula, only so much passion and professionality.90% of those who approach the trading are at a loss. This is why, through the use of information and systems created on the basis of technical and mathematical statistics and economic analysis, the inexperienced trader and / or unable to work full-time in the financial markets, it can get very good returns in a reasonably short time.



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